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1. Applicants must complete the appropriate application form approved by the Board of Directors.

            (Available below for Download)

2. Applicants are to present a valid NJ Firearms Identification Card and a valid NRA Membership Card. Out of state residents do not require NJFID.

3. No person will be considered for membership who has physical or mental disorders which would be considered unsafe for the handling of firearms, in the opinion of the membership committee.

4. Every applicant for membership in the Club must be screened and indoctrinated by the membership committee (a minimum of 3 membership committee members). Applicants become members of the Club upon completing committee indoctrination, paying appropriate dues, fees, and attending a general membership meeting. The membership committee chairperson may waive the mandatory general membership meeting attendance requirement only in cases of special hardships.


1. Billing of dues, fees, and assessments will be sent out on or about the 1st of December.

2. Dues for Regular members are $300 + 7% Tax = $321.00 per year. First year members are prorated at approx $26.75 per month remaining in the year.

3. Capitol Contribution ( a onetime fee where you buy ownership in the club)
A)    Capital Contribution Fees are $600.00 (Non Taxable)

B)    Capital Contribution Fee for spouse is $200 (1/3 of $600)

C)    Capital Contribution Fee for children of members in good standing, living in same household, is $300.00 (Non Taxable) until age twenty-five (25).

D)    Partial payment ($300 non taxable) Capital Contribution Fee can be paid by a new member upon joining
     The remainder of the Capital Contribution Fee may be paid in no more than (4) equal quarterly installments of $80.00 (Non Taxable & $5.00 SERVICE CHARGE).

4. A minimum Capital Contribution Fee and prorated dues is to be paid upon joining.

5. There shall be a $25.00 reinstatement fee applied to all members who pay after the past due date. (March 15).
A)    After 2 years lapse of membership, a former member who was in good standing must pay the current year’s dues – pro-rated, plus a $200.00 reinstatement fee. The member must also attend a New Members Meeting.

B)    Less than 2 years lapse, the individual must pay lapsed and current dues and any outstanding assessments plus a $25.00 reinstatement fee.
6. Capital Contribution Fee for Honorably Discharged Service Personnel is $500 when the New Member submits a copy of their DD214.


Spouse and dependent children can come with you and shoot anytime. But they cannot come without you, and they cannot participate in any shooting leagues.

If your spouse wants membership, a reduced Capital Contribution Fee of $200 (Not Taxable) is required.

For Children living in the same household, under age Twenty-five (25) the Capital Contribution Fee is  $300 (Not Taxable)

For a Husband and Wife:

You would have to pay $600 Capital Contribution Fee + prorated dues ($300 + 7% Tax = $321.00 max) for the Wife (or Husband).

And the Spouse of that now member would pay $200.00 (Not Taxable) Capital Contribution Fee + prorated dues ($300 + 7% Tax = $321.00 max.


1. The spouse and minor dependents of members may be accorded guest privileges without range fees.

2. Two other persons, per visit, may be accorded guest of member privileges without payment or range fees twice each in any one calendar year.

3. All guest(s) will only use the range facilities when under the direct supervision of a member That member is responsible for the guest(s) actions.

4. Members will have priority over guest(s) in the use of the range facilities. Members are limited to having two (2) guests on the Club premises per visit, excluding members spouse and children.

6. A member shall not charge any fee to a guest.

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