Pictures of the shoot.

What do you get when you mix a lot of SUN, a lot of FUN and a lot of SHOTGUNS………… You get the 2004 CJRPC’s first clubs’ Skeet Championship! 94 guns took the field for the May 15th / 16th four gun event.

Saturday was kicked off with the .410 event. Kevin Boyd took the .410 club champion belt buckle leading the way with a 93. Tony Pappas shot a 92 winning A class with Tom Abernathy right behind him. Steve Pollack was B1 and Bill Cullen was D1. The battle between Eric and Adam Bachmann was swayed this time Eric’s way.

The afternoon was lead by Joe Reale. The 12 gauge event was all his with his belt winning 98. Class winners were Steve Pollack A1, John Urciuoli B1, John Nichols D1, and Bill Cullen E1 and F1 Dave Munt. This event also saw 2 father and son teams. The Brooks and the Fabrizios. I hope they all saw how much fun and challenging it is to shoot registered skeet.

The days events were topped off with the summers first BBQ and a lot of laughs at the awards ceremony. Thanks to Teddy Amaty for being our award runner after a tiring day of shooting!

As the sun rose and the rain stayed away on Sunday, the 28 gauge event was won by Lew Petryk. Steve Pollack continued his impressive shooting with an 98 to win AA1 and Tom Abernathy lead A class with a 97. Champ Pappas also shot a 97 to win C1 and Carol Abernathy led D class with a 96. From the looks of the scores everyone seems to favor the 28 gauge.

The 20 gauge champion came down to the all exciting shoot off. Ed Whitman knocked down one more bird than John Urciuoli to capture the 20 gauge belt buckle. Once again A class was led by Mr. Abernathy and Mr. Pollack. Tom won the shoot off to capture A1. The battle between the brothers was still leaning Eric’s way with his class leading 84.

Dan Mella was a real trooper hanging in there to shoot his first ever 4 gun event. We also saw 3 generations of Atchleys come out to knock down some clay. The Saturday morning regular trio of Andrew, John and Dave were welcomed and Romeo Piersant made his competition shooting debut, along with the others mentioned above.

When all the fun of shooting was over, the Club Champ was crowned. After a long hot weekend Steve Pollack was named club champ with a HOA of 382. Tom Abernathy was club runner up with an overall of 381.

Now time for the THANK YOUS. First and for most Brick Armory. Phil and crew thanks for the ammo ( which Mr. Urciuoli won his share), the gun case (won in a shoot off by Adam Bachmann ) and the gun certificate donated to help make the shoot fun. Ron Grigoletto for the pink flash birds ( that Mr. Urciuoli kept hitting! ) Tolga Gumusayak’s many ice runs, Tony Pappas, Daniel Fritsch. The Dave Atchleys, Walt and the Bachmann boys, Bill Kunie, Dick Newkirk, Ray Cronk Jr. and Bill Cullen for helping ease the back aches. The whole Amaty family, Ed Whitman for keeping the fields running, Don Toenshoff and Bubba. Geri Bachmann ( the shoots office manager ) and everyone else that helped and pitched in to make sure all had a GREAT FUN weekend!

Pictures of the shoot.